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Bounce Squad FAQs

What is USATF and why do I need to be a member?

USATF is the national governing body for track and field in the United States and the membership covers supplementary insurance for each athlete during our practices. USATF membership is also required to jump at most open meets during the winter & summer. You may also choose our club to be your affiliate club when acquiring/renewing your membership (our club # is 02-9075), or for current USATF members, through the affiliation transfer process detailed here.

The USATF's insurance information is linked here.

How do I register for the sessions I want to attend?

We will be doing all registration through our website, including scheduling and forms. Anyone who plans on attending any Bounce Squad practices should create a "site member" account on the site, which is how you will be able to manage & use the sessions you have purchased. If you would rather not pay through the website, please reach out and we can discuss an alternate mode of payment for an offline purchase, but you should still make an account on the site. In short, the Google Form is no longer directly involved in the registration process, and serves as an alternative method to submitting contact information out of season.

Registration will remain open throughout the summer, so more sessions can be added at any point.

As mentioned, session packages can be purchased directly through our website now. We ask that you use these sessions to register in advance for each practice you'll be attending through the "Session Sign-Up" page on the website. This will allow staff to better plan for who is attending each session, plan each practice accordingly, and start practice on-time more often, all of which give us the opportunity to coach you more effectively. This will also allow you to easily check how many sessions you have left. If your payment method is offline, we will add the corresponding number of sessions to your account for use.


After purchasing your sessions, your site member account page is where athletes can sign up for each practice session, using the "Session Sign-Up" page. You can also see how many sessions are available under "My Packages," and which sessions you have already registered for with "My Sessions."

What does a standard practice session look like?

Our practice sessions are always overseen by our coaching staff.

We start each practice session at the listed start time with a 20-30 minute dynamic warm-up and sprint mechanics development. We then transition into our event groups (horizontal jumps, high jump, sprints, hurdles & distance) and drill proper generic and specific movements and skills. We usually focus on 1-2 key aspects of the group's event(s) per session, and the drills performed reflect that focus. This takes up the majority of our time. We may also perform speed training, plyometric exercises, or rate of force development training for more generic physical preparation. We finish each session with a cool down, specific injury prevention exercises, and core exercises.

What should I bring to each practice?

Training/Running shoes are a must, along with workout clothes. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather each day. Track spikes, if owned, should be brought to every practice. They may not be used every day, but it is better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

Bring a large amount of water/fluids, especially on hot days, as there is not currently a place to refill water bottles at the track, and athletes will be working hard and sweating a lot. For earlier in the summer while the sun sets later, sunscreen is a good idea. Bug spray is also useful as the sun starts to set earlier and earlier.

Bring a flexible mindset that is willing to learn and absorb new knowledge, even if that potentially means changing everything you knew about your event(s) and technique.

What is the facility like?

Weston High School has a 6-lane 400m track with an 8-lane straightaway, with two track-surface aprons, surrounding a multi-use synthetic turf field. It has 2 long/triple jump runways, a high jump pit and a pole vault pit. We have full use of the track, and we are able to use the turf field as well. There are bathrooms available at the track, but there is no water fountain or vending machine.

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